I’m pretty good at solving problems and have always had a knack for technology. I’ve been using the combination of these talents for over 20 years now to provide top-quality service to my employers and our clients. I currently work for the most amazing IT company in the entire Midwest as the Service Desk Location Lead for our Kalamazoo division. Aunalytics specializes in providing analytical insights as a service to our clients in various industries powered by artificial intelligence. I currently lead a team of talented technicians and engineers for our Managed Services department and have 13+ years of management experience.

South Bend, IN.

Born and raised in South Bend, IN.

My true passion in technology is Linux, I’ve been an everyday user of it for 15+ years. I dabble in web technologies like Nginx and various web development platforms such as WordPress, gatsby, and Jekyll. I love to do as much as I possibly can via a terminal and know just enough PowerShell to be dangerous. I also enjoy Infomation Security and learning new pen-testing tools and gadgets. I helped co-found the local group Michiana Infosec, a growing community for both security enthusiasts and IT professionals alike.